Runway colors

Why are runway color green but one on ATC shows green red and orange?

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Colors of runaway show how suitable it is for landing. It is decided by the direction of winds at the airport. It is always better to just aim for the green runaways, especially with smaller airplanes. Kinda similar to a traffic light And as per your question, sometimes it isn’t loaded and gets mixed up. It is then preferred to have a look at METAR and then decide on which runaway you are to use.

I think there is a bug when I pull up the airplane ATC screen runways show green orange and red but at airport it shows all green runways. Runways at airport usually also show green orange red

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It is something many users see now and then. Sometimes it is just not loaded fast to sync. It is better to work with METAR during these situations.

If ATC is active at the airport, they can adjust the colors of the runways within the ATC system. So it is possible to see a green runway on the map that is red within the ATC dialogue. They do this for traffic management and to help with approaches and things of that nature.

I have also noticed similar things. I think this has something to do with the colors on the map and the colors in the ATC panel updating separately (and not at the same time)

How Can I adjust the colors of runway within ATC

IFATC has the capability to set active and inactive runways. I’m not sure how they do it, however, because I am not IFATC.

We have no control over runway colors as they’re solely based on wind conditions; nonetheless, we do have the ability to set departure and arrival runways in the ATIS. Pilots can find this information by tuning in to the ATIS or by looking at the D-ATIS in the airport menu.


Ah, I was always under the impression that you guys could adjust the runways to fit the needs of ATC. Thanks for letting me know.

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