Runway color

Hi. Why are some runway names red, and some green on the map? Thanks a lot😁

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You want to takeoff and land into the wind, so:
Green = Runway is good for takeoff/landing, wind is going opposite direction to runway
Orange = There is a crosswind on the runway, you can still use it while using the rudder on landing
Red = Wind is going same direction as the runway, it is recommend not to takeoff/land on that runway


Matt put it perfectly, but another thing to note is a common misconception people have about the color which is that Red does not equal a closed runway, that airplanes does not take off in that direction.

Although, it is recommend and preferable to take off and land in headwind = Green colored runway, still many times even IRL you’ll see that a Red colored runway is still in use despite the drawbacks of tailwind during landing and take off.

Often times, the wind will shift leaving the current opened runway in unfavorable wind but still used in that particular direction for operation. So if you’d want to fly realistically, it wouldn’t be bad idea to check up in which runway is used regardless of color. Although the majority of times you’ll find the Green one in use as airports do their absolute best to accommodate the best possible runway for take and landing operations.


This and other common IF questions / tutorials can be found in the FAQ thread.

How do I do that?

Use the METAR to find the best suited runway:

He said which runway will be used regardless of colour, I don’t know if he meant irl or in IF. If it’s irl, how would I be able to check which runway is in use for an airport?

Yes, and that would also apply to IF with active ATC.

I think EGLL decides runways that ard not based on METAR readings but rather the time of the day.

On FlightRadar 24, there you can zoom into a specific airport and see the aircraft flow, in which direction they are flying.

I took off as LH740 to Osaka from Frankfurt once, where I departed from the runway shown as Red, since the winds were shifting back and forth that day. But traffic was still using RWY 07L/07R.

This is in IRL but if you want to replicate real life movements then you can do so, as I always do. But in the case of ATC is in charge in IF, then follow their commands even if traffic is different IRL.

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