Runway color question

Youguys know the runway has green,Orange,red colors so was just wondering what happens if they both the runway is green on both sides what side should you take off from because ex. If some one request taxi to runway 27L then they get cleared for that and if they request taxi for runway 9R then ATC approves it London Heathrow so know airplanes are taking off at opposite sides and flying into others.Was just wondering must ATC in form us to which runway we must go because sometimes ATC not all ATC but some clear us for different runways for take offs and ends up planes on different side of runways.

Look at the metar it’s your best bet. If u can’t read metars then take a look at this website

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Where on IF can it show you what runways are active for take off and landing.

Look at the metar and copy it into the decoder and let’s say if we are at EGLL and the winds are 5 knots at a heading of 170 degrees, you would use 09L/09R because the runway is sort of aligned with the wind, but there might be a crosswind usually

If they’re both green, it means the winds aren’t strong enough to favor a certain side. Check the METAR, and for example, it says “13004KT” and the runways are 09/27, that means the winds are at 4 knots at 130 degrees. A slight crosswind, but not too much. You would want to land on 09 in this scenario.

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Along with reading the METAR, always look at the traffic flow. If the traffic is using one end of the runway go with that end, regardless of your wind.

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