Runway color coding error

So I’ve been noticing this glitch recently where there is a discrepancy in the color-coding for runways. The runway colors on the map are different from the runway colors in the ATC UNICOM menu. I haven’t noticed this glitch when the airport is under active ATC.

I have a picture below for reference to what I’m talking about.

It’s always been my assumption that these colors are supposed to designate which runways are most ideal for landing and take off under current wind conditions. So, why are the colors different in the ATC menu vs. on the map?

I’m on an iPhone 11 Pro Max running iOS 16.1.2, and on the Expert Server (non-beta)



This is known and I believe is not an issue. It’s just that it takes some time to update the airports METARs. It’s best to go with what the ATC menu says and not the map.

Adding to that, I’d recommend you to just look at the METAR instead of trying to figure out the runways based on the color indicators.

Hope that helps.


Is there a good third-party website which has global METAR data? I know that has data for US airports, but is there any website which has global data?

Sorry, I am unaware of any other third-party website that can provide ATIS information besides the one you linked.

okay, gotcha. Well, I think I found one which can provide raw METAR data! So I can use that.

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Forget to ask, but did you mean a website that provides the general METAR information such as wind, visibility etc. or that also includes the runways in use?

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Just general METAR details. I have the EGLL METAR linked below, if you want to see an example.

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If you use Flight Plan to IF, it will automatically tell you which runway to use unless there is ATC with the METAR. I have a YouTube channel called Infinite Enthusiasts where I explain how to use the website ;)

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