Runway Closure TFR's

As I’ve begun flying more into Europe, I am noticing a few airports with runway closure TFR’s. What reason is this for other than to perhaps make it seem more realistic to sprinkle some of these in? Ex.) LTBJ, EGKK. Thanks!

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Hey mate,

I believe that the reason for these runway closure TFR’s is to avoid confusion and to maintain separation between aircraft on a Unicom (uncontrolled airspace/airport).

These TFR’s also assist IFATC controlling those airports as well. For example, the TFR at EGKK (Gatwick) states that 26R/8L is used as a taxiway, therefore pilots flying into Gatwick should know not to land on that runway as there may be taxiing aircraft on the runway as well as when ATC is active, pilots will understand that they don’t need to request crossing for that runway as it is used as a taxiway.

Hope this provides some clarity!


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