Runway close question

Situation: Doing GRD and TWR @ KPHL (ts) and the pilot doing patterns asked for 27L, however I was using 17 for pattern work and using 9L and 9R for arrivals and departures.
Question: Is there a command to tell my pilots a particular runway is closed, or do I just give pattern instructions for the runway I would like them to use?

You don’t tell them it’s closed, you just put them on the runway you want them on.

Better question:

Why in the world would you use a perpendicular runway for patterns? That’s just causing unnecessary incursion opportunities.

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I only used 17 because when I logged into kphl the pilot was departing from 17 and there was no other traffic

Right, but you can’t assume that the situation will remain thus forever. You should be setting up for the eventual steady-state situation later when traffic arrives.

For example, while I first open KMIA, perhaps it’s empty. But I’m not putting anyone in pattern on 12. There’s bound to be several inbounds in a few minutes and now I’ve got a guy taking up four runways instead of one.

Thanks Tim I really appreciated the feedback and it makes perfect sense

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