Runway check, before taxi request

As a Pilot its sometimes handy to know which runway the ATC is planning to send me for departure, even before Pushback. With multiple runways open, and nearby my aircraft, I want to make sure I push back in the right direction.

In real life, do Pilots get departure runway information, before pushback?
If yes, would it perhaps be an idea to add a ‘runway check’ request for Pilots on Ground?

Added: I see some comments on ATIS. What is that, and what is it for?
Just to make sure I explained this right; I am speaking of a system, or a request feature that helps Pilot to understand which runway he needs to use.


I believe this was the purpose of ATIS.


I upvote this

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This is either something that would be announced through ATIS or even Unclear Delivery IRL. I support ATIS (but a better system than before).

eg. pushback to your left/pushback to your right would be fine wouldn’t it?