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Hi all IFATC , I am getting ready for my practicals coming up soon and i would like to seek some advice and tips from you all professionals. I tend to get confused with planes requesting runway changes as let say they are on left downwind but requesting to change from the left to the right runway and because most of my traffic pattern on the left side would go to the left runway and right traffic going to the right i tend to get confused who is going to the right runway if they are on the left downwind and who is going to the left runway if they are on right downwind.

There is no magical type for this:

Just give a pattern entry for the other runway, then sequence, clear and you are done with the aircraft, they likely will maintain separation with others.

Remember, practice makes perfect


To help with the confusion, the runway you have told to an aircraft to go to will be written on the aircraft’s information strip on the right of your screen.


Hello sir!

I’d say that you always have a reminder which displays assigned runways for each plane under your service. Here you can see it:

And as @BinaryChess said it’s their responsibility to maintain appropriate separation. Also, to change their side of pattern (i.e. N1148G is located on the left downwind runway 14L and requesting change to runway 14R. Just give him a clearance, of course, pattern entry and sequence before if necessary, and to make right traffic. Then he’ll definitely change pattern side from the left traffic to the right, after his T&G of course).
But the most effective thing to clarify all questions and eliminate your fears is training with IFATC trainer and his team. It’ll definitely give you a high guarantee that you won’t fail your practical due to lack of knowledge or lack of practice. Hope I answered your question. Don’t hesitate to ask us, best of luck on your test, stay safe and healthy!

IFATC Kryuchkov


Wow! Thanks for taking your time to type this for me to understand. Yup, i am training with a trainer for now but just though maybe there’s a technique or a procedure where you guys used to remember where the aircraft are going . Nevertheless , thanks for ur advice! I’ll try to keep practicing and make it my second nature !


I see. Okay , I’ll do that next time and yea i definetely need to maintain my skills. I had 2 training sessions before and my trainer said he is very impressed with my controlling but idk why today i had my 3rd training sessions i made a lot of mistakes. Maybe i am nervous or becuz i didnt practice for quite some time which leads me to get rusty and not being able to perform as well as when i did it first time.

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Okay noted with thanks !

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Usually like for example KPDX they are on left downwind 28L and request change to runway 28R i simply tell them to enter left downwind 28R then clear them for the option at 28R and to make right traffic, of course I’m not IFATC but as someone in the process about to take practical as well this is something I’ve done of course staying aware of other traffic

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Hi there! Thanks for the tips and it doesn’t matter if you’re not IFATC, every advices matters to me!
Yeah I agree gotta always stay aware and focus. I asked Tyler this question he said the best way to be good at it is to just practice and practice and memorise the planes going to which runways. So basically what you said gotta stay aware!

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