Runway Changes at LPPT ( Lisbon )

Yesterday was the last day the runway 03-21 was so named. From now on it will be the 02-20 runway. This change follows the update of the magnetic variation: Runway 03/21 at Lisbon Airport was officially designated as Runway 02/20 at 00:00 Zulu today (May 19, 2022).

Is it possible to update in-game?

Official Documentation


Unfortunately we can not change that at the moment.
The new editing System that was introduced to allow for 3D airports does not allow to change the runway number’s of ILS equipped runways without loosing the ILS.
It is a known issue and will be fixed as soon™ as possible but for the moment it is preferred to have the wrong numbers with ILS rather then the correct numbers without ILS.

Please be patient, when we can edit this again we will try to get all airports updated asap that require changes then.

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Roger that!

Thank you for the answer. I hope with this update maybe Lisbon comes with 3D building :) who knows?

Have a nice day Tom!


Thanks Major-Tom!