Runway change

Is there a way, as ATC, I can initiate a runway change to a parallel runway (25r-25l) while aircraft x is on final about 5 miles out.
Aircraft A is on final, number 1 for landing KLAX 25 r and aircraft B is on final 25L
Aircraft C is too close to aircraft A but if C switched to 25L, he could safely land behind B as there was more spacing between them.
Can tower administer a runway change?

Thanks in advance

Technically, you could if they aren’t on a precision approach. Issue a “straight in” entry to the parallel runway. In RW this would be a side step and can happen from time to time.

I wouldn’t try it in IF though.

Edit: Brandon says it’s ok, so nevermind. Go ahead and try it!

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Just tell them to enter a new pattern, and sequence for runway 25L. Then just give the landing clearance for that runway.


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