Runway change, Go-Round, and Diversion

So, I wanted to fly in the UAL livery so I took-off from SAN execoecting my final destination to be LAX. As I’m starting my decent I notice that at LAX the winds switch and the tower controller switched runways. And was to late for me to switch as well so I entered right downwind for RWY 07R. And as I’m in final the tower controller disconnects because of all the traffic. Then someone taxied onto the runway and I had to go-around. As I’m on right downwind again, a tower controller comes back on. And I report my position and he told me no aircraft is being accepted into the airport becaus of the traffic. I’ve never heard that command btw. So I diverted to Bob Hope and landed. And I saw a few SWA planes. It’s the first time I’ve seen people really use SWA at Bob Hope. But anyway this was my craziest experience in SoCal


Sounds good. Thanks for sharing.


You did the right thing!good!


Bob Hope landing is like landing in San Diego…


the good news is: you followed instructions!! :-)


I once heard no planes were allowed in KLAX due to traffic. This was on PG lol. I had to divert to Long Beach.

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