Runway bounce

I have a problem where when I land I bounce off the runway any ideas to fix this

What is your vertical speed when you touch down?

500ft per minute

You’re flaring too much. Pull up slowly at 30 feet and cut the throttle.

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Mm, that’s a little bit much. aim for about -200.

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Depending on the plane, try to aim for 145-150kts when you’re landing. If you flare and idle throttle with too little speed, this can cause you to bounce.

Fly the VREF speed to the numbers, then power idle at around 30/20ft AGL, then maintain the pitch attitude and let the aircraft come down itself. It really depends what you are flying, but you could probably get away with that method in most commercial aircraft.


There are a couple of reasons why this could happen. I’ll try to help you with each probable reason.

The most likely reason is that you’re too fast and your aircraft keeps trying to lift again. You should control your glide slope with your airspeed, not your pitch. On final, aim for between 0 and 5 degrees of pitch and just maintain it. Constant changes will most likely make your approach unstable and contribute to a bounce on landing. Another big thing is to make sure that your spoilers are armed. If you’re flying a small prop without spoilers, right after touchdown, retract your flaps to prevent the aircraft from trying to fly again. This is a similar effect to spoilers and is very effective. It takes some practice but it’s very worth it!

Also, once you reach within 20-30 feet AGL, cut your throttle and slowly begin your flare. If you flare too quickly, you could stall, fall onto the runway, and bounce.

Also, -200 is a good landing. If you’re looking for butter, try for -100 or lower.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need anything else!


What about my landing Wait could this affect that

Your weight? If you are very light, that could be a factor, but there are still measures to prevent that (spoilers, retracting flaps in small props, the right flare, etc.)

If you know, what is your average landing weight?

You know what your probably forgetting. Your spoilers make sure your spoilers are armed when you land if not it will cause you to bounce :)

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I like to land pretty light domestic short haul 737’s with like barely any fuel in it only a few passengers in like 1000 pounds of cargo

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89,000 pounds

I can help you land the 737 :)

I’ve mastered it.

Ok, as said above, try to aim for 145-150kts, and ease into your flare. Don’t flare too little or too much.

Should I use the auto pilot vertical speed system to control my vertical speed for landing or use the EPPR system on some planes

Personally, I’ve practiced only hand flying. Once you get the hang of it, it’s sooo much better than using autopilot. As I mentioned above, do control your glide slope with your throttle instead of your pitch.

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It’s best to hand fly when you’re landing. APPR should really only be used in bad weather situations.

Irl airliners use the APPR till about 1,500-2000ft then fly manually. Depends if they are on ILS

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