Runway blocking violation?

Apparently if you sit on the runway for to long,you get a violation for blocking the runway. So i was at KCNO and I was sitting on the runway and nobody was at the airport and nobody was landing so I thought it would be okay to just sit there before takeoff because I had to deal with something in real life. As soon as I come back and i start my takeoff roll at the top of the screen its says “Runway blocking violation. You will be reported” then it disconnected me from online because at the wifi single at the top went red. So onto the question i have. What does it mean “you will be reported?”


This has happened to me before I think you do.

Well I highly suggest never leaving your device while on live. To much awareness is needed. So, you kind of get what you deserve here. :/ nothing you can do about it other than forget about it!


Yeah I know I just had to get over it and get myself back to grade 3.

i guess lol. I still wonder what they mean by "you will be reported’

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So they demote you?

I’m pretty sure you grade gets dropped but I need someone that does know check.

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This happened to me like a while back, fair violation. Dont need to be afk while on the runway

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Generally if I have to go, I pull into the nearest gate/ramp space and leave the plane parked there until I come back. Safer that way since chances are, someone will not spawn in your spot, and you won’t get the standinf-on-rwy violation


Can you stop with the “apparently” sentences? Obviously there is a violation for sitting on the runway. At ATL, the busiest airport, if one plane sat on the runway, even for two minutes, about five planes would have to go around.

From now on, you should ask what the violation is about instead of starting with “apparently” as we all know that violations are in effect.

This also happend to me. I was set back to grade 3 :-(

Almost happened to me…

I was really suprised when I got a warning because I was idle on the runway (There was no ATCs and few planes on WMKK on that time). Since then, I tried to search Parking space before leaving my device for a while (like @Boeing707 said before)

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@Ryan.p is new so guys, be gentle with him…

Yeah I had this happen to me before. I was taking a Cessna from a local dirt airstrip that no one else was near and was plotting my route to another local airport. Finishing that I come back and I see I’ve gotten a violation for staying on the runway to long. For these small uncontrolled airports I’m not to sure they should get a violation for that because you often spawn on the runway and in a small plane you may not get the time to plot a route.

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