Runway blocking message in error

Well…y’all did it to me again! I was holding short of 27 at KNUC earlier this evening when a command came across to line up and wait…which I did. When I was taxiing into position however, unbeknownst to me, the tower controller blinked out on me. The kicker is that when I was waiting for clearance to begin my take off roll, I received a runway idle warning and before I realized what was happening and could push the throttle forward, I was told I had been reported and now I’ve been reduced to a grade 3 for the second time in one week! I have no conclusive evidence of any of this but it happened! Is there anything y’all can do to fix this problem?

No part of the plane is to be over the hold short line. A little bit forward means you’re in trouble.

I think part of the runway is after the hold short line so be on the safe side dont be idle after the hold short line…take off as soon as possible if you can

He was on the runway after receiving a LUAW, not holding short.

@masullivan43 are your saying the controller disconnected? If you don’t hear ATC for a while, I suggest clicking the ATC button to see if they’re still on. Also a message is displayed when they disconnect. If they were still online and not saying anything, I would send the departure request again. If still no response, do what you want at your discretion.


This happened to me just yesterday as well…

I was holding short of 27 @KSAN awaiting a “clear-slot” on the frequency.
Before given the chance to request takeoff and subsequent departure info, I was given a LUAW/LUAH order.

Now, this happens every now and then, being instructed to LUAW before expressing your intentions, not a huge issue. The moment your nose is aligned with the runway heading and you’re centerline, declare your intentions.

I gave my intentions the very moment I became centerline, but with no response from TWR. After about 30-seconds without an answer, and with nobody in the vicinity of KSAN, I immediately throttled-up and made for the nearest exit.

The TWR controller was present the entire time, he never left.
As @AR_AR said, do what you want at your discretion when there exists a sudden vacancy in the Tower.

I exited and resumed my place holding short of 27, in hopes of the controller realizing his mistake. He did, issuing a “Sorry” seconds later.

Tip: It goes against common thinking, but do not simply “hold” when following an order to LUAW.
Once aligned with the runway heading, keep rolling under 1kt GS.
This way, by the time you are given clearance, you shouldn’t have rolled more than a few meters. :)

Edit: For clarification, I did not receive a violation that day nor have I ever. :)

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I don’t know if HE left or if I had a connection issue, but the fact remains. I was completely behind the hold short line when I received an order to line up and wait. I immediately did PRECISELY as I was instructed to do and as I was awaiting take off clearance, the connection with ATC was severed. I didn’t even realize this until I saw the runway idle warning and as I started to push the throttle forward I received notification that I had been reported. This isn’t a HUGE issue, but it still irks me that this would happen twice in one week when I had very little if any control over it. I work very hard to obey ALL air traffic controls instructions and this is very frustrating.

Oh and incidentally…I NEVER pass the hold short until I’ve notified ATC of my intentions UNLESS they switch to Unicom right at the last minute.

I just got hit with the exact same violation.
This really getting aggravating. I wasn’t on the runway more than a few seconds and I received a violation without any warning.

Last week I got hit with 3 violations which I have no idea how it happened. I was flying the Cessna 172 and I was on auto pilot with everything in proper order. I walked away for a quick head call and I came back only to see that I had crashed and 3 violations against me.
How could this even be possible???
A few weeks ago I made a bad landing and I veered into the taxi way for a second or two. Instant violation. Why!!!.
I’m on the verge of making level 5 and I seem to getting knocked down over nothing.

A few months ago I got hit with the same thing. I was happy to take responsibility I didn’t take notice properly

You just need to be more vigilant when it comes to your connection issues and controller presence. If you’re waiting for a controller in playground, you need to be even more aware.

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Didn’t anybody noticed?

Then the tower left him. He lined up and waited.

I’ve noticed many other anomalies in the traffic pattern of various airports such as aircraft taking off WITH the wind and ATC let’s them do it, clearance being given to take off when landing aircraft are still trying to clear the runway…etc. I personally a few nights ago was given clearance to land at one airfield…can’t remember which…in a 737 and had to execute TWO go arounds when aircraft entered the runway without permission!

Advanced or pg

I mean…I’m not one to deliberately rock the boat and I know the majority of these controllers mean well, but I am familiar with actual FAA policy regarding how ATC towers are supposed conduct their affairs and the simple fact is that these policies aren’t always adhered to. I jump on there expecting that these other users are going to follow the rules to the letter and

Playground usually. The knuckle heads don’t usually go into Advanced.

…when they don’t, for them to get “zapped” by ATC. Maybe I’m expecting too much…I don’t know.

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