Runway arrows

Why are not these arrows in IF?![Screenshot_20181010-164350|337x600]

(upload://yqp57fHu6bQBvegkcCZ6bcYlcQh.jpeg) Special just something !?

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Which airport are you referring to? Looking at the difference between the satellite and IF I am learning towards that airport not being fully edited yet.

Just an FYI-those aren’t runway arrows… that is called the displaced threshold. It cannot be used for landing but can be used for taxing and taking off

For example LSZH

That’s exactly what I mean! You should add something in IF.

The airport editors build the displaced thresholds but they do not render in IF with arrows automatically. Additionally the editors do not manually add arrows for various reasons.


Um, I’m an airport editor

If you’re an editor, you should understand why and how these airports are not rendered in IF. Is there some other confusion?

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Hello! Developers are working hard on developing realistic airports as time passes. Note that it won’t be 100% real like Zurich, but this is not the only case. I am pretty sure that it’s because of lack of development on that airport.


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Please stop spreading false information and don’t post if you don’t have any idea about it

As Chris said, the code to render the threshold arrows isn’t in IF yet.
There are a lot of things like lights that get added in the airport editing process but don’t get rendered.

Val has done an amazing job so far adding lines and other textures, but there are dozens of other types of lines (without counting textures and lights)

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