Runway approach

I was flying from Belfast to the Isle of Man and I was on approach in the pattern and I knowticed on flight radar that real world pilots turn onto the runway heading in one continuous turn whilst I fly parallel to the runway then turn perpendicular to it then turn onto the heading. Does anyone know how real world pilots manage to do this and how I could possibly do this in Infinite Flight. Thanks, Jacob 😊



Looks like a Circling Approach

I think it’s a routine procedure

Well, different airports have different approach procedure for each runway. Basically there are two main ways the pilot will fly on final approach, one is follow the approach procedure, which is follow your planned approach route until established on the LOC. One is radar vector on final approach by the ATC until established on the LOC. There are more ways to do it, such as Circling Approach as mentioned above. Again, it really depended on the procedure that a certain airport use for a certain runway. I suggested you to check the STAR (Standard Terminal Arrival Route)on the airport charts to get a clear mind of which approach procedure is in use. Also, this is base on my understanding, if you think there are something to add or it’s wrong, you are more than welcome to point out! Happy Landing! >_^

That’s not what a circling approach is.

Well… Nevermind then

The only thing different between this approach and yours is the location of his downwind which is a lot closer. If you want to mimic this fly a tighter pattern. Look at the relation to the land mass to see what I mean.

A circling approach is where you fly one approach get below the clouds at the circling minimums. Then circle back around the airport to land on the opposite end of the runway of the approach plate. It doesn’t reference the turn of the aircraft but the fact you circle around to the opposite end of the airport.

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Okay thanks!

Above is link to the approach plates.

Wonder if @AdamCallow knows anything about this

Do you know how I could make sure I fly downwind at the right distance so that I can turn onto the runway heading in one turn?

@Jacob_Laurie I see you trying it again right now on expert. I’m 25 mins out from landing coming from Cardiff.

G-FLAC is me

Flying in between the inner and outer airspace circles should get you pretty close to the correct distance. Also do not exceed 190kts as you will over shoot if you do.

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This worked thanks 👍🏻

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