Runway approach hold lines

For all my IFATC folks,

I’ve gotten this confused for a few sessions now and some controllers say one versus the other:

Directly quoted from the FAA AIM Section 2-3-5 (a)(3) states the following:
Holding Position Markings on Taxiways Located in Runway Approach Areas. These markings are used at some airports where it is necessary to hold an aircraft on a taxiway located in the approach or departure area of a runway so that the aircraft does not interfere with the operations on that runway. This marking is collocated with the runway approach/departure area holding position sign. When specifically instructed by ATC, “ Hold short of Runway XX approach or Runway XX departure area, ” the pilot MUST STOP so that no part of the aircraft extends beyond the holding position marking.”

So here’s the question: do you as IFATC want us to follow the guidance of the AIM as such and only hold short of these lines when instructed to do so (or if that runway is in use for landings for approach holds/departures for departure holds), or always hold short of those lines (runway hold short or runway approach hold)?

Figure 2-3-16 is also attached from the AIM to depict what the APCH hold lines look like which are depicted correctly in IF but not marked as APCH.


TL;DR: To hold short or not to hold short?


Yes, please always hold short of any hold short line, even if it seems far from a runway. We promise it’s always for a reason. Just request to cross like any on there runway clearance like anything else, and we’ll be happy to get you through safely. Thanks for the question!😁


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