Runway Appearing Through Plane And Cockpit

Hello, I was flying a West Jet B737 from CYYZ and CYHZ, and the runway lights were going through the plane.
Device: Samsung Tab A
Settings: All low and Anti alliance thing off. FPS to 60fps.
Already tried to clear sencery cache

Yes, this is a known internal issue.


Which version of the app are you on?
This was addressed in a hotfix we released.

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Not sure what you are saying…

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If you are still on version 21.8, this glitch still exists. If you are on the laser update, 22.1, this should be fixed. Is your game updated?

Just a slight correction to that - 21.8 did NOT have the issue, 22.01 did, and it was fixed in 22.01.01


My mistake, I forgot. Sorry

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I’ll check later, at school rn.

@DarkspoulYT @Rob_M I updated it a couple of days ago and still have the problem.

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I’m not sure what to do, keep talking to the devs and tech support.

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Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing exactly now? Additionally, go to Settings → About and share what you’re seeing in the top center (It should show app version + model info)


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