Runway alignment

Maintaining centerline during taxi take off or landing is a struggle for me. Ik in planes u would know ur in line when in front ur chest or in a Cessna with ur right foot i think it is but in game how can u tell? And i realize in game it also depends on the plane ur using


Sometimes its a bit hard, principally on landing, some practicing is good as well as using you rudder in take offs and landings :)


No i use my rudder inputs but i like to be professional with cockpit view only so i dont do outside view so lining up on a runway is a struggle sometimes not the roll out

Ohhh I understand you, I also do that, or at least I try, lol. But the point for this is discover the angle that you have to, I can show you an example later in PM.

Basically you need to go external cams, put It exactly on the taxiway, stop and then switch to cockpit, then you’ll have the angle that you’ll use.

In some aircrafts I put a reference point, example:

“The centerline is a bit right from this button”

If you need a image, I can send it to you later, currently controlling.

Hope I helped with something :)

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