Runway aiming point...

It might sound stupid to ask but how do you actually use the runway aiming point ? Thanks.


That’s where you suppose to land : )

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But what’s the difference between the touchdown zone and the aiming point ? The big white block I assume.

what aircraft do you mostly fly?

The zone is you should land between that, if not go around, I believe aiming point is where the most appropriate point to land : )

The 777 787 and a320 :)

well mostly when you doing an landing like from at least 2-5 nm from the airport descend at like 1000ft v/s but be at 4,000 ft and then adjust by aiming for the center line and just slowly move down and thats what i do.

So the aiming point is where u try to aim your FPV on while landing ?

Correct, but all inside the landing zone are fine, I always try my best to land on aiming point : )
Hope this help 👍

Thanks mate :)

The two large white blocks are where you want to touch down; the landing zone is where you see those lines. Outside the landing zone you are meant to go around.

i always try and aim between between 500 first set of piano keys then the 1000 footers which are the second big blocks

On runways with a landing zone the touchdown markers are the point where you aim to place your gear when landing.

The touchdown zone will give you adequate airfield boundary clearance in the event of a short landing and adequate stopping distance in the event of a deep landing. Anything outside of the touchdown zone should be thrown away and a go-around performed if operating a heavy jet that needs the landing performance. Obviously you don’t need the markings for a Cessna 152 on a 4000m runway!

The trick is to set the aircraft up on finals with the correct visual picture and flight path. The touchdown blocks should then appear to ‘grow’ in size in the windscreen without ‘moving’ up or down the windshield relative to the flight path. If the touchdown blocks move ‘up’ then you’re going low and vice versa if they move down then you’re going high.

50’ prepare for the flare by transfering your visual reference to the end of the runway (B777), 30’ begin the flare to touch the gear down in the blocks (remember the gear is a fair ways behind you!). Autobrake or manual brake, keep it centered especially in a crosswind, apply max or idle reverse thrust.

Most SOP’s state to let the reversers and spoilers drop the nose for you however it is my preference and the preference of most of my colleagues that the nose gear be flown onto the runway which can take a fair amount of back stick.


so, barney style we aim for piano o keys but set the gear and flair between big blocks?

The piano keys denote the runway threshold. They may be deep down the runway as in 20R in Singapore (4000m runway, 3250m available). You should never aim to land on the piano keys!

If in a light aircraft then aim for just beyond the piano keys if no other runway markings exist. You must leave enough runway beneath you in the event of a short landing as well as enough in front of you in the event of a deep landing.

In a heavy jet you ‘aim’ for the touchdown blocks with the idea that after the flare the gear will touchdown in the blocks.

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thank you so much. this helped alot. happy Landings!

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