Runway activity FACT

Hi can you also use runway 34 (visual or gps) if I’m in an A380? Or is it just 01?

I’d say that runway (34) is too short for an A380

That’s why I didn’t look the deep into it loool

An easy way to find the length of the runway without having to look deep into it and deciding if it is suitable for your aircraft is by clicking the airport icon on your map and toggling the runways tab which gives you all the runway widths and lengths and information. This definitely will save you some time! :)

I’d just use the active runway on FR24. Does the A380 even serve Cape Town?


It was served by a BA A380/747 before the pandemic.

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A380 does not go to Cape Town

Most of the operations from the airport are single runway operations.

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Hi there,

If you take a look at you get to see all of this useful information to what aircraft can fly inbound and spawn at thease airports with runway lengths ext… Here are the Gate’s and Start-up locations that will be able to accommodate them with the current METAR as well.

Then because of the reliability of it’s best to check other information by looking at the other links that have provided or a google search.

For Cape Town to save you the searching here is the direct link to Cape Town’s information here on the website here.

Hope this is helpful and a new step forward towards more productive flight planning and getting used to what planes can fly where.


If I recall correctly, Cape Town can accept A380, as it is an alternate airport for A380 flights to Johannesburg, but the airport facilities can’t really handle it, however because it regularly accepts 747, you should be fine considering it’s IF and you don’t need to care about cargo handling and stuff


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