Runway 34 at Zurich

so in the approach charts for runway 34 it says that planes must enter right downwind runway 34 but I however see a lot of planes entering left downwind. The thing is, that I don’t understand why planes IRL don’t respect the charts, or if they do, why those procedures aren’t in them.
Can someone explain to me what is going on here?

The controllers are probably vectoring them in left downwind

why would they do that?

I’m not sure why.

Could you show us a screenshot of the chart

That chart is probably not be the only STAR/Arrival in the books.

I checked multiple charts

Where does it say this on the approach charts?

check the ILS approach runway 34

I have. Where does it say that?

Check out this video

you see it. It doesn’t say it in words, but you see that it shows right downwind.

I don’t think you understand approach charts. That’s not showing a stipulated circuit side.

The outbound 140 radial course showing from the KLOTEN VOR is if you are doing the full procedure. You know no one does the full procedure like that at Zurich in real life don’t you? They would just get vectored on to the localiser very much like most busy airports.


No, I didn’t know that no one does the full procedure at Zürich.

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If you have a look at most approach charts they will have a full procedure like this designed to get you on to the final approach course at the right distance and altitude.

In this case the full procedure is to flight direct to the KLOTEN VOR, head out on a radial of 140 until you get to 16 DME from KLO where you should be at 7000ft and 210kts, then do your right turn on to the localiser descending down to the platform altitude of 6000ft.

It’s good fun to to that just using your nav radios rather than relying on the FMC. However in most cases in busy airports what happens is you get vectored on to the ILS.

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Oh ok. I however found a RNAV TRANSITION chart on which it shows a complete approach path to runway 34. Should I follow that or the other chart?

I would follow the RNAV transition chart which takes you to the UTIXO/MILNI waypoints, then follow the ILS 34 approach chart.

Normally you may wish to self-vector on to the ILS in less busy airspace, however since Zurich is surrounded by lots of high ground the main advantage of following a STAR and the charted transition to the final approach point is that at least you won’t hit any of the mountains!

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