Runway 31L/13R OIMM

Hello, I don’t know if this is the right place to write this but I want to say that runway 31L/13R in OIMM is used as taxiway and I think this note should be added

Thank you

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It is still in official AIP asa runway, therefor it will stay as this in IF.
What Controller do is a different story.

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Thanks for the reply, I didn’t understand exactly whats make a runway turn into a taxiway in Infinite Flight 😅

Airport editing.
The airport where edited (drawn) by volunteers. Before 3D they where Organise in the IFAET. At the moment it is in a transition.
For your airport the runway wouldn’t turned in a taxiway because it is still listed as official runway. It is the Controllers discretion (if there is one) how he uses the runway.

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