Runway 26R @Gatwick


Just a quick pointer, because I’ve seen this happen with Expert controllers before.

Runway 26R at Gatwick is not used unless for some reason 26L is inoperable or considerably unfavourable. Even if it’s smaller light traffic, it should not be used unless you are not using 26L. Although this is not required, it would be nice to see it operated correctly.



Duplicate, however it hasn’t been replied to recently

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That topic was last contributed to in November last year, and it’s happened recently, therefore I’m mentioning it again to make people aware of the system.

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Please read the comments in the last post, it is to be treated as a runway I know IRL it isn’t, but we have incredibly high amounts of traffic compared to real life so for the time being it is to be treated as an operational runway.

This was decided by the moderator team.


I don’t understand the logic behind some rules in this simulator… We can’t just hand pick what works for us and implement it. We either go completely realistic, or we don’t have rules at all…

@stevenwalker109 Also, controllers usually use the excuse of “too much traffic” but usually you’re working with approach who has holding patterns as a command option. The command was implemented for that exact reason, so use it!


Precisely. And too much traffic at EGKK seems a bit of lame excuse. Considering Gatwick is the busiest single runway airport in the world, and they manage it, I don’t see how when there’s about half the traffic on here, it can’t be used. Doesn’t make much sense.


Yes, but gatwick don’t have 15 inbounds within 30 mins and 10 very impatient pilots on the ground. I used 08L for takeoff and 08R for landings.

Also the amount of people that don’t cross the runway after being told in the exit instruction is amazing.


Yes, they do have holding patterns, but the issue is people are far too impatient, if you hold someone for 5 mins they start asking for approach again.

It is a lot easier to try to be realistic using 26 than with 08 due to runway crossing.


They don’t cross because they think that as is true in real life it is a taxiway.

The sim and ATC and Pilots. Need to choose. Do we follow realism or do we go for rules.


I am glad that this has been brought up again. It is one of my “bug bears” when an airport on Expert is not operated in a realistic way because ATC find it a little busy! As mentioned IRL Gatwick is far busier then it is in IF…of course they do have a few more controllers to help out!

Solution? (no point complaining if you don’t have a solution!) :- Implement that certain airport Towers in IF can only be opened if there is also support by Approach in order lighten the load. Combined with use again of ATIS would be a huge advancement in keeping Expert ‘real’!

slight tangent, but whilst understand that ATIS cant be used on TS server, how about that it is brought back in for the Expert Server as only trained operators are using the frequencies anyway?


Il tag @Tyler_Shelton and he can give his reasoning behind the decision, it’s not a controller choice, it’s to accommodate the people wanting to fly in, id personally use a runway that in real life is technically an active runway, be it not used as much but it is still technically an active and can be used runway. Just because IRL it is only used as an emergency runway ourselves in IF don’t have them situations so we use it to accommodate aircraft, I’d rather use a runway that’s there than say no to inbounds because people are to up tight about a runway.

And with response “controllers use it as an exscuse”

Your more than welcome to open up a frequency and let me get you 30 guys to come inbound and then have another 15 on the ground wanting to take off, none of flying reasonably enough to be able to make it work.

When you do a day in the shoes of a controller having the amount of traffic we sometimes have, then your more than wellcome to say it’s an “exscuse”

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That argument certainly opens the case of co-ordinating so that an Approach controller is available for certain airports on expert as well as re-opening of the ATIS frequency on Expert, both should help reduce the work load to a more enjoyable level.

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Did you really find it necessary to make a new post about this, when the last one have so many answers?

Short answer: since it is a runway in IF, it is going to be used. It is classified as a runway, hence it is accepted to use it.

i know it isn’t normally used in real life. However, we deal with a VAST amount of traffic when EGKK is open, much more than it is equipped for in real life.

When traffic is low, I only use 26L. However there is nothing stopping me from using both.

So controllers, IFATC or not. Use both runways.



As an ex-Expert Controller, I can confirm that controllers take Ground and Tower together at an airport, and someone else takes over Approach. However! Tyler has allowed to control the three frequencies for ATC Supervisors “as long as it does not degrade the quality of the service”! Let’s go back to your point then, if you find yourself stressed, and not providing the best quality work you can, and you have both Ground and Tower, go switch over to just one frequency! The more people, the better quality service you’ll have. Also, as an ATC you’re not here to “get the planes down on the ground ASAP”, you’re here to provide better quality service than ATC Training Server, meaning being more realistic.

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“Since it is a runway in IF, it is going to be used.”

Since the air frame in IF doesn’t break, should I go at 100000 knots?


Wrong. I know you’re an ex-expert controller, but what you are saying is wrong. It used to be allowed for supervisors to open three frequencies, but it isn’t allowed anymore.

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This is not my opinion btw. This is what’s correct. If you refuse to use both runways as ATC, you have no place in IFATC…

Same goes for the pilot. If you refuse to land at 26R and repeatedly ask for a runway change, there’s a really big chance you’ll get ghosted.
Obey ATC, they’re in charge of the runway usage – not you.


No one is saying they’ll disobey instructions to land here, my original post was mentioning how the system works IRL.

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That comment was for Reltzer.

Sure enough you were referring to real world ops, but you also encouraged controllers to use it in IF… And you have plenty of answers why that isn’t going to happen in the previous post about this… :P

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