Runway 24 at VTUN glitch

So I just land on this trippy runway. I did a search on it and nothing came up.

This is the pic link I hope.

Pretty sure that’s your issue. The airport editing team will fix it when they get to it :)

Thanks for the response. It’s not an issue for me at all everyone left the plane alive. I just wanted to let somebody know cause I felt it was my obligation if something was wrong. And yeah I hear you on glitches a smaller airports I landed on one and ended up like 100 feet underneath of it. I love this game!

Hi there,
Sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll look into it. Thanks for the report! :)

Unfortunately that airport has not been edited. It is still in the state in which we received it from X Plane. Someone will eventually get round to editing the airport, and therefore fixing the issue. For now, you’re stuck with it.

P.S. @Delta_Alpha_Lima would you mind not posting things like this? You’ve been in the team for less than a day. Just leave these sort of things to someone else. Thanks for the understanding.

EDIT: What Ryan said below.


The runway issue you are reporting is actually out of our hands. We are told that it has been fixed in the code, and should appear in the next release of IF. I have fixed the crossed boundary for good measure though.

Thanks for the report,


Airport Editing Coordinator