Runway 15 GPS Approach at KBDL

I notice the past couple flights going into KBDL that R/W 15 GPS APPROACH IS off, it actually sends me to R/W 19 which is a 1000ft r/w. I recently flew it today in low vis, and did a go-arounds as I notice it again. And landed on R/W 6 instead.

You made sure your glide slope in the bottom right of your screen said GPS runway 15 correct?

Just tested this. Intercepted loc/GPS rwy 15 and landed safe. I can not reproduce the issue you are describing.
I did not get rwy 19 as an option on the loc list in HUD.

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Yes it thru me off even when im in the cone

I got an option to pick GPS 19 approach but I selected GPS15 and it worked absolutely fine for me too.

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I guess it depends which direction you approach from. I did the approach from the south.
I always select/lock the correct rwy when I get the signal.

I took off on 15 and circled to the west side of the airport.

I think if you have nothing in your flight plan it will only give runways you are heading towards. If you do a flight plan with the airport as the end waypoint (no need for any others) you get the full list of runways to choose from.

As you say though it captured the GPS 15 approach fine and followed it in perfectly for an autoland. No issues for me either.

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We are just chasing our tails without screen shots. We need to see that you’ve selected the intended runway, and then subsequent shots of it directing you somewhere else. Those that have tried it can’t reproduce it.

Agree with Tim here. Video and Screenshots help immensely so that we can see exactly what you are encountering.

Personally I fly into BDL all the time considering it’s my home base. Some advice to you is don’t use runway 15 since that runway hasn’t been used in decades.

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Disagree runway 15 is always used when winds e out of the south, in reality I fly out KBAF and did T/G on 15 just last week

Runway 15 hasn’t been used at BDL since the 90s because of a crash just short of the runway that occurred back then. They decided not to use it because they determined it was too mountainous on final.

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Ok, I worked there for Delta Airlines 20 years as a load planner ! And they used 15…I am not going to get into an argument over something like this.

Whether or not they use it now is completely irrelevant. It’s in the sim.

So is this an actual problem or not?

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