Runway 05"N"?

I was completely redoing EGDM and I noticed this:

Runway 05N?

And then there’s the normal runway 05:

Does anyone know what I should do? Because is don’t know what the N would mean…


05 north maybe?

I was thinking that but it doesn’t seem logical to me… I’ll observe other airports in the UK

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Set the runway number as 05N. We can change it at a later date if necessary.

Well there’s a twist @Riley_Dunshea


Ok, also noticed this ^

Not in the editing team, but I suggest using the most modern version of the runway, which in this case in the 2nd photo.

They are separate runways.

For that, put 23N.

But google earth doesn´t show any Ns in the runways, for both 05 and 23.

(The N runway is to the left of the main runway in the picture.)

@JFKPlaneSpotter101, actually, you can’t add N at the end of runway numbers. It gives you an error when you export the apt.dat. Instead, remove the runway and replace it with taxiway for now.


Ok, the runway is already generally in the middle of a taxiway

That´s why I didn´t see them, they are parallel. Sorry.

Yeah, keep it as a taxiway until further notice.

No worries.

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I’ll get to it tommorow 🙂😴

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We have Slack for questions like this btw

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@Swang007 can I join

I can’t add people to it. PM @DavidCutler for more info

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