Running slow and fuzzy on Galaxy Tab A 2019

I just bought a new Galaxy Tab A 2019 (10.1 in) - henceforth called “The Tablet” - and downloaded the newest Infinite Flight. I used to play it on my Galaxy S8+ with highest settings - best rendering quality; best texture quality; with anti-aliasing - and everything worked well: the graphics are super clear; the planes are of very high quality.
However, with the same setting on the tablet the game runs super slowly. Also, with the same settings, the graphics look fuzzy as if on a very low resolution screen. I really want to find a solution to this problem.

Galaxy Tab A 2019 (10.1 in)

Are you using any sort of Samsung game enhancer or Samsung/Android battery saver?

I cannot find any of such programs on my tablet.

Can you show a screen shot of your graphics settings please?

This is another battery saver that can cause performance issues if enabled. It slows everything down.

Battery saver is not on.

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My graphics setting:

As you can see, the screenshot of the game by Android is

And the high-res screenshot of the plane by Infinite FLight Replay is

The new tablet you purchased is using a much less powerful processor, with less RAM than you’d find in your Galaxy S8+

There isn’t masses that can be done to boost the performance I’m afraid

IF won’t be as clear on a tablet as it will be on a phone. A phone has a mych higher pixel density (the pixels are closer together) which makes it look clearer. I have the same issue on my Pixel C without the performance problems.

Perhaps anyone else on the forum with this tablet having the same issue?

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