Running out of fuel

What would the correct or most appropriate actions be if you happened to run out of fuel on a final approach on expert server? Is there anyway to advice ATC of the circumstances? I understand that you should pre plan your fuel prior to the flight, but am just wondering out of curiosity.



There are message options which let the ATC know about the low fuel condition.

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If you have been flying for a quit a while yes.
There was a discussion here:

There might be a few things that could help.
Although best thing is to put extra fuel.

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Call in a tanker. 😂


By the way if you realize you are running short of fuel, unless you are 100% sure you will make it to your destination airport, I suggest diverting to a closer airport if available. Attempting to make it happen really isn’t a good idea and will just get in the way of the controller from smoothly directing the airport traffic. And make sure to use your emergency requests when you are approaching a ATC controlled airport.


What are the emergency requests and where are they located?
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The emergency messages are located in the ATC command menu, just scroll down a bit and you will find them. You have options for minimum fuel and fuel emergency, but you can only use them if you’ve been flying for at least an hour, and if you actually need to use them. Having been in a serious low fuel situation before (I landed with less then 50Kg of fuel left in a B757) I can tell you that the stress is real, and it is advisable to divert well beforehand if you think there will be any fuel related issues.


3rd refeul of the day 😅

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