Running more than one VA

Hi guys, I am in the application process for a none real world airline however was wondering can you operate as a CEO for more than one VA as was thinking about setting up a real world VA once the current one is established.

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Not sure about that sorry. I would guess yes but I might be wrong. Don’t listen to me!


I thought it could be possible but wanted to double check first.

Thank you 😁😁

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Per IFVARB rules, you can only be staff at one VA.


Got it thank you 😁😁

Hey mate!

Unfortunately, you will have to pick what VA you want to be CEO at. The IFVARB only allows members to be staff at one VA or VO at a time. You could always start up a VA and then leave the staff team, wait the 90 day cool down period and then apply for the second VA you wanted to start. I wouldn’t recommend doing that though. As a CEO myself, it’s a lot of work making the best VA possible for you pilots. On the flip side, it’s also super rewarding making an awesome VA.

Best of luck to you with your future endeavors!


That’s cool man thank you for your response already in the process of the IFVARB application passed stage one just waiting for the next stage contact. 😎😎

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