Running IPhone 5s for long hauls?

Anyone know anyways how to get an iPhone 5s to run on IF for long hauls because I’m using mine as a second device for long hauls because when it’s usually short I just use my iPhone X but with the 5s when I tried doing a 5k flight it crashed the 3rd hour I have my settings on low everything on it but I wanna ask is there any other way I could prevent this and yes I ahve the brightness at low I had The Low battery power mode On I closed other apps and made sure I restarted the app before the flight anyone know any solutions or is it just because the phones probably too old to run at Long hauls

Hey Kyle!

May I ask how long you have had your phone for, and if your IOS is fully updated? Those two things are quite important when starting IF.

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The iPhone 5s like 3-4 years don’t remember but I’m sure it’s been here longer. I just found it lying around the place so I picked it up and started using it and it is up to date

Hmm ok what are your exact settings with graphics, resolution and everything else that affects gameplay on IF?

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Have you tried restarting your phone prior to starting IF? Ensure you don’t open any other app except for IF for the best possible outcome. Also I think the recommendation was to keep the iOS low power mode off for best performance.

After an update to fix the memory leak caused by iOS 13, and a future update for Project Metal, performance should improve. But you can’t change the inherent performance constraints of an old device, both slowing down over time, and with new apps becoming more intensive.

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Everything related to graphics and airplane count is at lowest possible

The iPhone 5S is nearly 7 years old since it was first introduced. In the world of technology, it’s a really long time. It is a miracle you can get it to work for even 3 hours. I personally don’t think you can ‘pump it up’ to do long hauls at all I’m afraid.

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It’s many years old. It’s an iphone 5 They will struggle, on any flight. They’re 1-2 years past their optimal performance for IF, now versus 1-2 years ago.


Well as ^ he mentioned above, try to keep low power mode off to prevent lack of performance, too. Brightness doesn’t affect gameplay at all, because I’m the same with you: I keep it at it’s lowest, but give that a try next time you play and see if you can tell a difference

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My mistake, the latest update for the 5s is iOS 12. That means no more optimisations and that the hardware has likely reached its final usable period for gaming at least.

Yep always done that every flight it actually did better than before when I lowered my airplane count because when ever I got to cruising altitude it would always crash but now it’s after 3-4 hours that it crashes

If you tried everything we told you, there’s not much of a solution unfortunately, but I better not jump to conclusions instantly, because these guys have probably got much better advice then I do ;)

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Well thanks for you’re advice I really appreciate @RileyBozina!

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No worries, mate! ;)

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