Running Infinite Flight on PC with phone tilt control remote

Hey all, I am a new beginner who is a massive fan of the game. Without previous stimulator experience I am slowly improving my ability at the game and have been using an emulator and an app which allows me to play on the PC with a bigger and better screen than with my android phone.

You will need :

Andyroid Emulator.
Andy remote control app on both emulator and on phone.

Connect the two and enjoy using the tilt function of the phone on the emulator!

The video below shows me demonstrating.




Is that also possible with IOS and Apple TV?

Very interesting! @carmalonso that guy is creative! Check him out?

Very cool, seems to work nicely :)

That’s very cool…

Tried to install the emulator, setup.exe doesn’t show anything :(

I had tried BlueStacks, didn’t work with IF at all…

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Same on iOS: connect your phone to your (mac) computer, launch Quicktime, select iPhone/Pad as input device, put it full screen, and enjoy… :)

Oke I Will try that

through ios you can mirror your screen to your apple tv via wifi, plug it in a hdmi/vga cable to your phone and tv or on your mac via a normal usb cable and quicktime (you can even record in the last option) ;)

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