Running in the background

I was just wondering that if it could be possible to let the simulator run in the background whilst in a flight. That would be great because then you could do other things on your device while in a flight?

is this a feature request or a question?

Feature :)

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I don’t think this is something that the devs could do. Right now you can switch from IF to another app for a little bit and return without the app restarting, but your device is typically what decides to close or restart an app, and it depends on your RAM as well. For instance if your device has 16 gb of RAM it’s more likely that the device won’t choose to restart that app for a longer period of time vs a device with 4 gb of RAM. But ultimately that decision is made by the device and is dependent on the RAM of the device. The devs can’t do much about this. It’s not really possible to for instance be able to run IF in the background for a whole flight.


Don’t forget to vote for your own request too.

Both kinda

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Wow, what device do you have that has 16gb of ram.

For mobile devices 4 gb of RAM is already alot.

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I always keep the app running in the background. My phone allows double tasking so the IF app is minimised in the corner while I do other things.

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Actually there are quite a lot of phones with 16GB of ram. The 3 most popular that I know of are : Samsung S20 Ultra, Asus Rog Phone 3 and Lenovo Legion Pro.

How, is there like a setting for it or…

Top spec Samsung note series devices have 16 gb RAM. These phones are designed for power users and can run apps and games, even IF(which requires a decent bit of processing power), at high settings with ease

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I have a note 10+ so is it possible on mine

It varies from phone to phone. If you have a high end phone there would be a setting for “floating window” or something like that.

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Oh I didn’t know but still even the newest IPAD pro has 6 gb of ram and tbh 16 gb of RAM on a mobile is an overkill your not running adobe premier or photoshop on it lol

This is unfortunately not something we’re in control over.

When the app is put in the background, both iOS and Android will pause all processes related to Infinite Flight after x amount of time and in some cases, even kill the app depending on the amount of available resources.