Running IF in the Background

Infinite flight can running on the background ? Or minimize?

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Well no.

When you exit the app there is a chance that you can lose your progress in flight or be perfectly fine short answer don’t do it.

Your device will keep it open until your device clears the ram so you can do other things.

Further more.

The game usually doesn’t crash, but your flight won’t keep running. It’ll appear to other players that you have disconnected (until you get back). When you return, the flight should be where you left off.
However, this is not recommended by FDS. It is known to occasionally cause bugs when you return to the app. For instance, your connection might stop working, there might be problems with contacting ATC (appearing as “Unknown” to the controller), etc.

What device are you using?


Adding on to @Sashaz55’s comment, you can momentarily exit the app to do something quick (i.e. send a text to somebody), but I highly advise you to not keep the app in the background for longer than 10 minutes, or you’ll start to encounter some issues.


Well if you have a IPad Pro you can have IF running and use the internet at the same time does that awnser your question but I’m not sure what device you’re using

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I remember on the first version of IF when it came out, I would try not to press that home button by accident. Now, I can usually go do a research and come back with the flight being paused. I don’t recommend you doing it for the whole flight, but you can do a quick task keeping IF in the background. When I started playing the game took up all the ram, so opening another app would refresh IF. But these days you are ok to exist for a brief moment(not recommended for hours)! This is from my experience!

No it won’t run in the background. If you exit the app for too long you’ll be disconnected automatically. With that said, we ask you stay within the app. Thanks!