Running IF in a virtual machine


I was wondering if I could set up a virtual machine with VirtualBox for example, install a copy of Android onto a virtual hard drive, then run IF through it.

Does Infinite Flight support these SDK’s that run on PC’s through a virtual machine?


Why so complicated? VM’s aren’t good for anything but playing around with viruses.

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I don’t know if this fully answers your question, depending on the specifics of what you’re trying to setup, but it may:


That is just not true. I play around with Linux all the time through VM’s! Its pretty fun actually…

Same, but what can you do on a VM, you can’t on a computer?

It’s not an application running on windows, its an android VM running through a host like VirtualBox.

Have linux instead of windows

Aight. Figured it wasn’t exact, but worth a shot.

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No problem, just wondering if anyone has had experience with what I’m thinking about.

AFAIK no free SDK is available online, just through the play store. Theorieticaly, downloading it on an android VM via the play store would work, but because android and IF were designed for mobile, I’m not sure that the application would work well with computer hardware.

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Practically everything runs in a VM these days. Perhaps not on your PC, but in the cloud.

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How come servers use VM’s then? I use about 5 VM’s for my stuff. And I’ve never played around with viruses.

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What server do you run ? 😂

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I don’t run a server, but I am a customer of a server provider and I know that they use VM’s.

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It’s cheaper to have one physical machine and run several virtual on one physical machine for several reasons:
Power supply
It’s cheaper to buy a 16GB RAM than two 8GB.
Same ase above for CPU’s and HDD’s.
…and so on.


As I said. I am well aware of the benefits of VM’s thank you

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Misunderstood you when you wrote “How comes servers use VM’s then?” :)


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