Running IF in a Samsung S21

Lucky me! I’ve changed from my old device, the Samsung S20 FE for a brand new Samsung S21 and that’s insane. If I would describe “ultimate experience”, I would say that device provides so. Super compatible!
It even has the priority mode function, that closes all applications and shutdown notifications so the CPU can focus in running the game, what makes everything great!
I was in Tokyo this night and saw another user departing. The flow that the function gave to game, made it so realistic.
I highly recommend, more than my last device!!!


Great to see you enjoying your new device! Wish you a amazing experience! the sensation of running IF smoothly is amazing.

Amazing to see how technology is advancing in such small devices. Would also be a good idea so share your experience with the S21 here for others to see and compare devices for Infinite Flight

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Samsung’s flagship seem to have a smooth experience since at least 4 gen

Got the S10 and beside the annoying software restart it runs like a dream

Haven’t tried S21 yet but tried my IF account on a Samsung Note 20 Ultra (not mine), yeah I can confirm what you meant using IF on high end android devices… view was wide and non-claustrophobic and FELT LIKE A DREAM!!!

As @Chris_Hoss mentioned, we’d love to have the device added to our community device thread: with it being a new and exciting device, there may be people here looking to upgrade to it. The ultra looks to be the best phone on the market also, which makes it even more compelling.

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