Run Infinite Flight on MacBook M1

It looks like MacBook M1 can run some apps on ipad and iphone. I wonder if MacBook M1 can run Infinite flight?


I don’t think that is possible.

From what I recall it is not supported as of yet (aka the option to allow it to be downloaded onto an M1 Mac is disabled), but this is something the devs are working on, so be that it isn’t their main priority.


Thanks, many app on iPhone and iPad cannot download on MacBook M1

any updates?

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Please see Cam’s response on the matter:

Infinite Flight won’t be available to download on a Mac when the Apple Silicon lineup launches, we don’t support the platform properly at this time.

Support for Silicon Macs may happen in the future, though. I’m sure the team will let us know if that’s the case :)

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Hello! Any updates for M1? It’s March

If you download vis google play, maybe that could work…

No, google play ≠ Mac app store

No updates. IF continues to be a mobile device simulator. While there may be ways to run on PCs and such they are not supported and may bring with it unique issues.

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You have a point…

Any updates on M1 ?

You can download an emulator like bluestacks. This is not officially supported, however, so if you run into issues (which you most likely will), you will get stuck there.

Why do we need emulators if M1 support IF natively?

The simulator is developed specifically for mobile platforms, and an emulator is the closest you can get to that when on a pc.

Infinite Flight isn’t currently set up to run on the M1/Apple Silicon Macs. We’d love to launch a version on these devices but we have no immediate plans in our development roadmap to do this (there are plenty of changes needed to properly support non-touch interfaces, as well as optimisations to make the most of Apple Silicon).

Our current focus is still mobile (native iOS/Android), but we’ll post more information if that changes :)


Thank you! I’ll regularly ask again about progress in the future)

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We will post information about this on our usual places (development timeline and social media) so be sure to keep an eye out there. Thanks for understanding!


Thank you cameron for the detailed answer


The new iPad Pro has an M1 processor
So, MacBook Pro also has an M1 processor.
What will you do?
Does this update for iPad Pro give infinity flight for MacBook Pro with M1?