Rumour- Regional Express may collapse

Regional Express, the lifeline for regional communities around Australia. It is Australia’s largest regional carrier and flies to towns with as little as 270 people however they may not the case much longer. My very good friend who works for Dnata at Sydney Airport has said that Rex will collapse, a trusty source

With the whole virus situation staring to calm down airlines are running out of cash and some more than others. Rex flies to many destinations, in fact it flies to more destinations in the Australian Capital Territory then there are sane people in Texas. The airline operates a fleet of Saab 340s known for being small, loud aircraft and prone to propellers detaching from them. Again I should mention that this is pure rumour however in this climate it seems likely. My friend then rumoured that Rex may be essentially merged with QantasLink, essentially creating a monopoly on regional routes.

Hopefully, it doesn’t happen as it would be a blow for regional Australia and myself because I have a flight booked with them in June along with their local economies which are dependent on tourism.

Rex’s Saab 340 at Taree image credit


First Virgin Australia (potentially), and now the next one.


Oh dear. Not another one… please not another one

Unfortunately, I’m quite sure it will collapse along with many other regional airlines suffering from the low demand in travel due to COVID-19, such a shame, so many jobs will be lost…

I hope you’re doing well, whoever’s reading this:)


Wow that’s a lot. There’s a lot of sane people in Texas. So, they fly over or about 15 million places lol.

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