Rumors: Cathay Pacific A350-1000 routes and extra changes(Confirmed changes are commented below)

It’s a great fun to see Hong Kong getting A350-1000’s before a lot of countries and most destinations are in North America.

Also excited for the new routes coming along with the change.

Not excited for the 10 abreast on the 77W. Guess I’ll choose more A350 flights from now on…

Cost cutting measures is getting extreme globally. Not only BA but also a lot of larger careers ie CX

These are all speculations but most of them can certainly be true. Comment below for your thoughts.

PS: I searched far and wide and cannot find a topic like this. If there is one I apologize in advance


This is great news. I live in Hong Kong and I have already taken the A350.

Sad that Houston isn’t on that list. We have Cathay Pacific Cargo, but no passenger CX. Maybe it’ll be another route in the future they’ll announce.

I believe Houston, Montreal and Seattle is next on CX’s list in North America. So you might get a chance


Can you link that list for me? I’d like to take a look!

Honestly, I’d think they do what PAL is going to do, and stop over in a city like Seattle, then continue to Houston.

It’s from HKADB which is a Hong Kong aviation Facebook group quite a bit of time ago.

Stopover could be possible if a 5th freedom could be granted(ie YVR) or a 1st freedom(LAX, SFO) or somewhere


Yeah, you’re right. I’ll check there, thanks.

Canberra confirmed 2018 3rd quarter with a350-1000

Why don’t we change this up with some current news

The new 3-4-3 configuration on the Cathay 77W is retrofitted on the aircraft B-KPY and the expected finish dates of all 777 planes are late next year

Source: Cathay Pacific passengers to be squeezed into smaller seats but at least the screens are bigger | South China Morning Post

I know they will fly to KIAD!! #DC AREA AIRPORTS FOR LIFE !!

Get ready for some A350 in IAD ;)

We have the a300, a320 series except A318, a330-300, a340-300, and a380 but no a350

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