Rumored CRJ rework

I’ve heard people say “CRJ rework was confirmed”. And such, is this true? I haven’t seen it anywhere on the forums from an official dev or mod which I assume confirms it is not true.

If it’s not in announcements then it’s probably speculation

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I wouldn’t say its confirmed as we haven’t heard anything from FDS under #announcements


Thanks guys! Sounds good.

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Those are all rumors. I did read somewhere though that FDS is going to do another poll after the MD-11 update is out on what aircraft to roll out next. So there is plenty of time before another update is confirmed.

Why isn’t this under #live? It should be in #general.

We had a poll a while back about what plane that the devs should work on after the DC10/MD11 and the CRJ rework won. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they will add it.