What are the rules for flying F 22 jets in expert server because I just got ghosted…cause i think I was going to fast…and this was above 10,000ft


Below FL400, below 550kts GS


But shouldn’t there be a warning sign saying that?


Nothing of that sort has been implemented yet. Just try to remember the rule for the time being. :)

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If you were flying far away and not inbound to an active field, I agree it is a bit much to be ghosted for this non-obvious rule.


Yeah exactly…I was flying at 15,000ft at 600knots and was ghosted!!!
Now I have to wait for 7 days until I can play on expert server


BUT, if you were anywhere near an active field and inbound, that speed makes approach and sequencing nearly impossible and the ghost will stand.

What was your callsign?

Oh now I get it!!! I guess it must be my fault. I was that high and asked for a landing…would that be a reason?

Yes if you were inbound at that speed it makes the controller’s job nearly impossible. What was your callsign and where did this happen?

Well all of this happened 3 days ago and call sign was Redwood 11

Yes most likely

I guess it was London

Yes but I was flying a fighter!!

“…Any airliner or fighter flying below FL400 is NOT to exceed 550 kts GS (Ground Speeed)…”

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Yep makes perfect sense thank you all!

Have a look at the rules in this post.


only ghosting I’ve had were for this too …
this is not a complaint or suggestion but perhaps a different set of rules needed for fighters above FL10?

I ghosted you @Kishan_Shah and you were NOT going 600 knots. 🙄 Try to be more realistic next time. When I ghosted you, you were flying close to 1230 kts GS and 23,000 ft trying to catch up to the flight of moderators. You want to fly that fast, then either fly on Casual server or climb above 40,000 ft.