Rules on use of UNICOM

Hi guys,

Just a quick question regarding rules of UNICOM use.

Does this have to be used to signal our intentions when taxiing, taking off and landing? When I say ‘have to be used’ I mean is it compulsory? Or is it upto us or just good practice to use UNICOM? Do the rules (if any) change depending on how busy it is e.g. heavy mid and low traffic?

This is regarding use on the EXPERT server.


In an empty airport it isn’t necessary but is good practice for when there is traffic. It’s not a ‘rule’ that you have to use Unicom and it isn’t enforced in any way, but you always should when there are other aircrafts in the vicinity.


I see

Are there any IFATC that have an opinion on this? I was landing into MMAA where an IFATC and IFAE were taxiing and preparing to take off together. I requested traffic advisories to see which of the two runways they would be taking off from, would have helped me stay out of there way potentially or use the same/different runway etc. Didn’t receive any messages back and there were no messages from either on the Unicom frequency regarding which runway they were heading too, which direction they were departing in etc

On the expert server you should always use it if there is traffic nearby or at the airport you are headed to, its an important part of flying in an appropriate manner if you ask me. Too many don’t know how to use it properly sadly so I would recommend figuring it out so you aren’t one of them, its simple and just makes everyone aware of what you are doing.

They should have sent advisories back, its better to be the one using it so at least you are the one flying correctly and using unicom correctly. If you know their names I guess I could link a tutorial on how to use Unicom :)



Could anybody tag IFATC-MXC-LaloMarlin and IFAE JBU MXC Hernan so they can see this? I can’t find their @ - may be because I’m on mobile site so it’s a little longer/difficult to search

This should be done in PM not on a public forum.


I agree it should always be used.

If the surroundings are completely clear at all times from taxi to takeoff I’d leave it up to the users preference but if a single or multiple other users are in the vinicity it should be used. I think it’s more than just ‘good practice’

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Yes, PM them and make them aware, it could be that they never heard the request for advisories. Who knows but it certainly is frustrating, I know.

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For what reason may I ask? I’d like to get the IF communities opinions on their use of Unicom

Just the names, @n587kk. Good question, but you should PM then directly. I’ll PM ya with a link to their names if you wanna send them a message ;).

I can’t find it written anywhere that it’s a rule set in stone and @Freddiefrogs also stated this so I thought it’d be okay seeing as though they’ve not broken any rules or anything so nothing to worry about on that front - but thanks for that bud :)

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So few pilots know how to use Unicom correctly (the two above will do there would’ve been another circumstance), so in your situation you should have just made for your desired runway and hope for their cooperation.

I train my guys to always use Unicom it’s good to let others know what you’re doing


Hello sorry about the inconvenience using the ATC, during the departure my device disconnect from the Wi-Fi so I was not able to reconnect to the ATC frequency because I was leaving the air space so I didn’t get to hear your messages. If I was able to hear your messages for sure I’ll respond it to you. Happy Flights!!

@Chatta290, @n587kk and whoever is referring to us, this way to attack us @Hernan_Bonilla and myself is pretty disrespectful and with lack of professionalism. I can see what you’re telling, you requested us traffic advisories. Maybe, maybe not I don’t know since I used the Unicom all the time and didn’t recieve a single message requesting advisories, maybe when you sent the message I had already tuned out of the frecuency. I just heard my communication along with my partners one. Chatta, I know perfectly how to use unicom, if I didn’t respond with a traffic advisory the reason may be wether I was already out of the frequency or I didn’t get the request. I suggest you to investigate first to really know if I already know how to use unicom because your way on respondig that was very disrespectful.

Are you saying that we don’t know how to use Unicom? 🤔 [quote=“Freddiefrogs, post:12, topic:282841”]
the two above will do there would’ve been another circumstance

I always say my intentions whether there are other people there or I’m the only one for hundreds of miles. It’s just good to practice.


No I’m saying you do and there would be a reason you didn’t reply.

Unicom should be used at all times on the expert server. Its a good habit to get used to and lets planes around you know of your intentions. It really helps when people send and receive traffic advisories. After all, it is the expert server. Are there violations for not using unicom, no?

Unicom is all about being a courteous pilot and to let others know what you are planning.

@Freddiefrogs @Lalo_Marlin, please take your conversation to a PM as it is not adding any value to the current thread.


I just take it like driving a car, when there’s no one on the road, I don’t necessarily need to state my intentions by signalling. If there’re other cars around, it’s courtesy to let them know what you’re trying to do. Same goes for flying.

By the way this is off-topic, but what does request and send traffic advisories on unicom do? Can I use them while on ground indicating which runway I’ll be taking off from?