Rules on promoting youtube channels?

So Let’s say I wanted to promote my youtube channel on the forums would I get any bans or warnings from that?

(Better safe then sorry)

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I won’t, I’m a pretty casual person so idc tho

Have a look at this search, that has been answered several times. :)


Just post a link to Your video at #screenshots-and-videos and elaborate on Your creation.

And as @Trio linked, there’s a list of YouTube channels. You can be added there.


Whoops! I should have looked at that. I’ll have someone close this

As long as you don’t advertise without the consent of Infinite Flight LLC, which is against the ToS, you’re good to go. :)

As much I know, promoting Youtube Channels will not lead you to a permanent ban, instead the post containing the targeted references will be Flagged as Spam by other users, and will be then reviewed by fellow Moderators.

It’s up to them to decide to remove the post followed by a message later on. I hope you understand this a little further. 🙂

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You can however post a link to your YouTube channel on this thread and your channel will be added to the list 😀

@Everything_Matthew if you are worried about bans or warnings check the forum suspension table.
misconduct 7 issues 1,2,3

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