Rules of the road?

All and specifically to those that are experts/expert ATC,

First of all, this is meant to promote dialogue among our most senior controllers and community members. Secondly, please do not post negative comments. I was wondering where I could find a “Rules of the road” document or provide information on ghosting/infractions. I was recently ghosted again and there seems to be no feedback from anyone. What I did wrong,etc. I am not perfect and am still learning but to get ghosted without reason, seems unwarranted, especially when you spend $100 a year for a subscription(I would pay more).

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You can contact a staff member about a problem with a recent ghosting.

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Thanks for the post you can check #tutorials:flight for information on a road map of sorts. Secondly any ghosting you can inquire about by getting a screen shot of the log, and the username of the controller involved. PM them directly on here. If you can’t find them contact @Tyler_Shelton @Joe or @Mark_Denton the moderators of the ATC program for further assistance.

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If you feel a ghost was not justified, you can always contact the ATC Boss, Tyler Shelton, or any of the ATC Mods, such as Skyhawk Heavy, Jason or Joe.
If you know who the controller is, look him up on the forum and send him a PM, much better than posting it here. The controller in question should have a good answer, and should also tell you how to improve. IF the ghost was not justified, you would get your ghost removed.
Thank you, and don’t hesitate to DM me or any other IFATC for questions!

See here:

And here:

“No reason” is always the pilot’s POV, but very rarely the case.

If you truly want to understand and improve, that is admirable, but the only way to do that is to see the links above and take the advice given by Brandon and Emil.

The controller and MOD will be happy to elucidate, but you must contact them first. We, unfortunately, can’t have P2P voice communication in-game.

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Thank you all. This specific report was different and stated “you were reported by multiple individuals(or something of that nature)”. I accept my faults, however, would like to learn from them. I appreciate the collaboration.



Will do… Note… I never stated that there was “no reason”. I was only looking for guidance.



The best approach in my opinion is to always remind yourself of your speed, altitude and last message given by ATC.

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In that case 3 or more other users used the “Report User” function, which only happens if you did something which annoyed several other pilots. This could have been because you cut in the line of aircraft waiting to take off, or perhaps you had an offensive call sign? It could have been lots of things so suggest that you have a think about that flight and any actions that you think might have annoyed other people and learn from it.

Happy contrails and see you in the Virtual skies.


The problem is unless you ask the reason you won’t know, some controllers may have a long session and they aren’t going to track down even member on the forum and tell them what they did wrong. I would say to remember the ATC and PM them and I’m sure they will be happy to tell you the reason why