Rules of escorting/Intercepting

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I was just wondering are there any official rules on escorting other aircraft on the expert server? I am aware that some pilots don’t like this but is there anything official saying you that you can or can’t do it or not.

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There are no official rules. But, follow these “unspoken rules”:

  1. If possible, ask the pilot via IFC, Slack, or some other form of communication before escorting them.
  2. Give them space, you can fly close to them, but don’t fly through them.
  3. In general, if you want to just do random escorting, try to do so on the casual server, unless of course you have the pilots permission.

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Escorting isn’t for everyone, you have to be kind to the person who you are escorting, remember to always be respectful and if they say stop, you should, also try not to cut into them, or go through them.

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I’d add that I would be careful doing this in a controlled airspace unless you are clearly flying as a flight of XX. You risk being reported otherwise.


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