Rules for Reporting

Hello guys, recently I’ve been reported twice. Once falsely, second time I “spammed an atc” after a 13 hour flight and they wouldn’t let me hold. Well I lost all my levels down to 2 and I don’t think any of their criteria is correct. I don’t even think other atc should be allowed to report you and kick you off the server. Well, can anyone show me or create criteria for ATC especially the rude ones on the expert server! thank you


If you can find the name of the controller in the logbook, you can PM them about this false report.

You stated it’s your fault for spamming no need for a criteria when they are already held to their own to even make IFATC

It’s best to PM a moderator about this. IFATC has rules for ghosting.


Our OP is basic. Therefore Steven, please provide the controller name as others have mentioned and then one of us will @ him so they can PM you.

i’m not trying to say same thing as others, just some extra guidance


Hmmm 🤔🤔

There is no rude person out there buddy, neither pilots nor ATC are rudes :)

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I did. Still waiting for a response
ATC: Prashant

The rules are simple for expert:

  • Follow ATC instructions. This includes being patient and not spamming multiple requests.
  • Do not interfere with others. Landing against established traffic, taxing through people.
  • Pilots can be ghosted at both controlled and uncontrolled airports.

When inquiring about your report, your first action should be to contact the controller via PM. If needed the controller will invite a Moderator to the discussion. Sharing your replay from your flight will help expedite resolution. Additionally, report discussions are done via PM and not in a public thread.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions, please PM me.