Rules changed

Well I congratulate you on zero violations.
Its definitely something I’ve been trying to achieve.

But apparently Mr Murphy found about me and Mrs Murphy horsing around and ever since, Murphy’s law is always waiting to nail me every chance he gets.

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Thanks for your input.
I wish it was only for a day but unfortunately it’s 7 days of bad luck. Just my foolish pride I guess.

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I’m a bit confused here. Am I knocked down to GL 3 for 24 hrs or 7 days?

7 days. You can’t have any violations in a rolling 7 day period to be Grades 4 or 5. If you get more than 2 violations in the past 24 hours or 3 in the past 7 days you get bumped down to Grade 2. You can tap on your info in the top right and look at the grade chart from there.

Yeah, my mistake, I had a moment of mental lapse. It’s 7 days.

I agree with all this, I am for the harsher penalties. Flying a lot of hours is one thing, doing it in a responsible and educated way is not necessarily the same, that’s what grade 5 is for. One point though- I don’t set the a/p to 240 until I manually get it there- particularly in some Boeing planes where 80% throttle gives you 100% n1, it bothers me when the autopilot maxes the throttle, so I accelerate manually and I think that’s reasonable. I got a violation last month because of this, but I had no problem getting demoted for a week.

Agreed. I keep bouncing from 3-4 but I guess it allows for more practice

I’m all for rules and disciplinary actions for violating them. My biggest beef is with "it."
It’s that force of nature that somehow always knows when you take your eyes away for even a seconds. That’s when something immediately goes wrong.
I was on AP and decending onto final approach and everything was on the money.
Go figure

What is being ghosted and is the playground server like we there’s no violations?

Reached grade 5 with 0 violations.

You should read this.

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Thank u that help a LOT @Captain_Berto

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Please continue in the grading topic. :)