Rules changed

And if you think that’s even too risky, set it to something slower like 230-240 knots. That’s what autopilot is for. Why would you walk away from your device without engaging it in the first place… just saying here.

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Same thing happened to me a few weeks back. Upon take off some one knocked on my door, the dogs went nuts and I got 6 violations by the time it was over. Grade 4 no more, back to TS1 for a week… However, I sill do like the harsh violations, it makes it a little harder for the people that don’t know the rules to become a grade 4-5.

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I think the lesson here is that in many cases it may be more prudent to end your flight rather than leave it unattended.


Now adays i dont even set it on a/p when im going to afk. As codeman have mentioned, safest is to exit the flight

The last time i set on ap to attend to a doorbell, my phone fell and a/p was disengaged. I got a violation after a long clean record.

One other time when i was a way newer i set a/p and left it on a table in my work place and went to grab a cup of coffee (not more than 2mins). When im back my flighy crashed with violations. Turn out my colleague dropped a stationary box and a metal scissors disengaged my a/p.

Ever since then, i still sometimes risk violation with a/p on but the phone is in my hand and i make sure to be very careful (i still never learn =p).

But most times i would generally end flight as a safe precaution.

I generally keep my flight in sight at all times, if i cannot give it the attention then ending flight saves you from all the disappointment.

I dont agree that g5 should be people with no violations but if a grade is dropped, it should be a deserving lesson to prevent future temporary heartbreaks.


Yesterday faced a ghosting on ES at EGBB-EGLL route, not able to figure it out why . And down grades to G2. Is there any portal from where we can find what was the fault or why shld I do to avoid the situation. It may help to improve performance and reduce violation count…(my personal view )

@Abhishek_Bhattachary contact the controller directly. Reedgreat was T/G at EGBB. Forgot who was Approach there and at EGLL T/G though. If you don’t know who, then follow the guidelines here:

That literally impossible for me, I could never do that!

Thanx for the guidance but at the time of ghosting I alrdy rcvd frequency change instruction and did so .Any way let’s check with ATC at EGBB T/G thanks again

Lol. Get ready for people to be triggered. Btw I fly a lot and always flying at the limits. Learning to control speed and etc should be very easy.

I was flying the 777. It takes very little rate of decent to make it speed up even with throttles at idle, full flaps, spoilers and gear down. I’m still mystified how the speed went from 190 to 250 plus in 30 seconds.

Well I congratulate you on zero violations.
Its definitely something I’ve been trying to achieve.

But apparently Mr Murphy found about me and Mrs Murphy horsing around and ever since, Murphy’s law is always waiting to nail me every chance he gets.

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Thanks for your input.
I wish it was only for a day but unfortunately it’s 7 days of bad luck. Just my foolish pride I guess.

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I’m a bit confused here. Am I knocked down to GL 3 for 24 hrs or 7 days?

7 days. You can’t have any violations in a rolling 7 day period to be Grades 4 or 5. If you get more than 2 violations in the past 24 hours or 3 in the past 7 days you get bumped down to Grade 2. You can tap on your info in the top right and look at the grade chart from there.

Yeah, my mistake, I had a moment of mental lapse. It’s 7 days.

I agree with all this, I am for the harsher penalties. Flying a lot of hours is one thing, doing it in a responsible and educated way is not necessarily the same, that’s what grade 5 is for. One point though- I don’t set the a/p to 240 until I manually get it there- particularly in some Boeing planes where 80% throttle gives you 100% n1, it bothers me when the autopilot maxes the throttle, so I accelerate manually and I think that’s reasonable. I got a violation last month because of this, but I had no problem getting demoted for a week.

Agreed. I keep bouncing from 3-4 but I guess it allows for more practice

I’m all for rules and disciplinary actions for violating them. My biggest beef is with "it."
It’s that force of nature that somehow always knows when you take your eyes away for even a seconds. That’s when something immediately goes wrong.
I was on AP and decending onto final approach and everything was on the money.
Go figure

What is being ghosted and is the playground server like we there’s no violations?

Reached grade 5 with 0 violations.

You should read this.

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