Rules against taking pictures in planes

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Just wanted to ask any frequent fliers if there are rules against filming take off and landing. Specifically if there are any rules against that on British Airways planes.

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Official PDF says yes, but people might not want to be photographed.

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The official stance is that as long as the device has a flight safe mode and that mode is engaged for take off and landing then you may use that device for all stages of flight.

For specific circumstances, such as a CAT III approach then a separate PA will be made advising passengers that all PED’s (Personal Electronic Devices) must be switched off.

So, if the sun is shining film away!


Every flight Ive been on I’ve filmed the landing. No problems there! 😁


Just don’t film any of the cabin crew, or other passengers. Remember you have to ask for permission to film a person (in a way so that they can be recognized).

If a flight attendant asks you to put your camera away, please do it. Don’t make any more trouble. :P


There is no rules against it, but remember to follow instructions from the cabin crew and there word is final so if they say no that means no.


There are no rules regarding this. Although if the cabin crew ask you to not use your phone to record, It would be better to not record the takeoff for takeoffs and landings.


I’ve only had this on one airline, Mango. I still love them though.

I wont be filming cabin crew, just window view with a phone. Is that ok?

yep, filming out of the window will be fine.


I had an issue in taking pictures and video on the approach to JFK a couple of years back on an AA flight from Manchester. It was around beginning of September so not sure if they were a bit sensitive to anyone doing any filming of the approach etc…

AA has always had some issues with photography/videography. Many flight attendants go and ask the pilots if you can record.

Interesting to know. Completely understand why!

I was on an AA flight and they almost took away my phone when I started to film the takeoff.

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I always film during my flights, I’ve never had a problem.

I took some pics on my BA flight on Sunday, no problems at all

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Thank you all for the information :-) Flying on Tuesday and it will be my first time filming take off/ landing. Wish me luck :-)

Im pretty sure some airlines do not allow you to film.

The OP asked about information on British Airways aircraft who DO allow you to use your PED’s, in flight safe mode, during take off and landing including filming.

Unless low visibility autoland conditions are prevalent under which circumstances a PA will be made telling all passengers to ensure PED’s are switched fully off.

Can’t be clearer than that.

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