Rule of Thumb: Infinite Flight

Hai! I love Infinite Flight, yet lately I have been researching on real life flying and I so happened chanced upon the “Rule of Thumb”. After reading, it really got me thinking, “hmm” well, even though there are many that are not suitable for Infinite Flight stimulation, I was wondering if someone could explain which one is compatible and suitable for flying in Infinite Flight.


Search rule of thumb in the community search engine. There are some really good ones.


Here are a few. They are chockablock with information. Some users have provided links to other topics too. Check them out!


@kevirtual… MaxSez; the “Ruke of Thumb” you read, share it with us via a link or a cut & paste pls?

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Is there a way to calculate the cruising altitude?

Because of the generally short routes in IF at the moment, it is hard to have a realistic cruising altitude. That will be fixed when Global releases.

Now it may take you a little bit, but you can train yourself to get a good feel for your cruising altitude based on the distance you are flying. Say you are flying from KDEN-KASE, around 120 ish nautical miles. I will typically fly around FL200.

Here is a good baseline post to help make your cruising altitudes more realistic.


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